Content Lab at EventoDays 2019: We find Relevance through interactivity

Eventodays 2019 is over and we are still hearing the echoes of an intelligent event full of technology, innovation and, above all, people.

If you are one of those who attended this spectacular event organized millimeter by Grupo EventPlus, we will not need to tell you what happened in Hall 2 of IFEMA in Madrid on July 3 and 4: A whole deployment of media, companies and content aimed exclusively at those that make the event sector a dynamic, proactive and constantly evolving sector. Talks, demonstrations, meeting points and a host of activities in which our colleagues in the sector demonstrated a high capacity for organization with a motivating character, and at the same time, with sympathy and dedication.

We are very proud to belong to this immense universe of events and for this reason, we want to take advantage of this post to convey our gratitude and all our support to each and every one of the exhibitors gathered at Eventodays you are an example to follow.

But if you are one of the people who could not go, do not worry, here we leave you our videos summaries of both days, where you can check all this we are telling you. But beware! The desire to attend next year will be unstoppable, the one who warns is not a traitor.

EventoDays: Find the Relevance through Interactivity

Being relevant in any circumstance of life is not easy. And even less, if this relevance must be found among a multitude of companies and professionals who put all the best of them to offer products and/or services for events loaded with innovation, technology and experience . In Content Lab we knew that it would be very difficult to be relevant to such a demonstration of power, but still we tried, and modestly, we believe that we achieved it. And how do we achieve it? Well, preparing an intelligent event based on interactivity, where each and every one of the elements offered, (personal attention, holograms and apps) in our B32 stand at EventDays pointed to a single objective: interact with people to demonstrate our courage, our passion and, of course, our vision of events as smart events.

Content Lab in Event Days 2019 We find Relevance through interactivity

Content Lab in EventoDays: Interactivity between people

How not? We knew that no matter how much technology and innovation we offered at EventoDays, what would remain in the memory of all the people we were going to interact with would be our kindness, our cordiality and, of course, our professionalism when it comes to moving our vision on Smart content generation.

And human quality is one of the hallmarks of Content Lab: our absolute availability and desire to help all those people and/or companies that require our advice or guidance , should be reflected in a perfect personalized attention, where we were all ears to listen their needs and where we went all professionalism to offer intelligent solutions for these needs. The result: face-to-face meetings and meetings in which we were able to verify a high degree of understanding and interest in our intelligent content. “One to one” meetings where we offer all our availability and desire to help.

Content Lab in Event Days 2019 We find Relevance through interactivity

Content Lab in EventoDays: The Interactive Hologram

Maybe because we came from the Global 5G Event in Valencia where we present the first holographic video call for ZTE and Orange of the world, perhaps because we had already experienced it in the Mobile World Congress 2019 of Barcelona or maybe because we already had the previous experience of the Orange Fashion Week 2018 we knew that our interactive hologram would be all the rage: and so it has been. Many of the people who came to our stand at EventoDays were able to experience the “futuristic” sensation of interacting with a hologram in real time and with unsurpassed communication quality.

The interactive Hologram that we present at EventDays is a replica, in smaller size, of the hologram presented by ZTE and Orange at the Global 5G Event in Valencia and that has gone around the world for being the first holographic video call made on planet Earth.

All the participants of this immense event that is EventoDays, had the possibility of living an experience worthy of the Stars Wars movies: a holographic image that talked to them, listened to them, I danced at the same pace as them, I even told them jokes !.

The question everyone was asking was obvious: “But you, where are you really?”. The answer, of course, was also obvious: “I could be anywhere in the world, but right now I am at your disposal here, at EventoDays.”

An unforgettable experience that all those who approached us because of their technological, innovative nature, but above all because of their human character, liked it. An intelligent interactive solution that perfectly combines audiovisual creativity, the high-tech streaming and the most demanding audiovisual production. An audiovisual solution that can solve many problems and provide different audiovisual solutions for those events in which the physical presence of some people becomes very complicated or for those events where it is sought to impact and viralize content. An intelligent audiovisual solution for intelligent events.

Content Lab at the Global 5G Event 2019 in Valencia: The ZTE® and Orange® hologram

Content Lab in EventoDays: Interactive Apps

Another perfect audiovisual solution to achieve the long-awaited interactivity with the public was the one we offered to all participants in EventDays through our interactive apps.

On this occasion, we decided on two types of apps:

The other app that we made available to anyone who asked for it was the interactive app developed for the New Link Group Communication Agency and that was implemented at the T4 terminal in Barajas and at the Lisbon International Airport to promote the Republic of Malta. This interactive app is a different example from the previous one. With the aim of generating leads quickly and easily (an airport is a place where the rush is normal), we developed an app capable of generating a database with names and emails. An app that combines gamification, interactivity and marketing intelligently and that served the Mediterranean country to meet its objectives: generate business opportunities and, at the same time, promote its strongest points for Maltese tourism. All the people who played with their puzzles, looking for differences or answering their questions felt their high capacity in terms of interaction and gamification. Users have a good time and the brand achieves its objectives. What more can you ask for in an app?

Content Lab in EventoDays: Thanks a million

So we have nothing left but to thank.

Thanks to the EventoPlus Group for making this EventoDays 2019 an intelligent event where the main thing is the people and the relationships that are established between them.

Thanks to each and every one of the fellow exhibitors for contributing so much and such good added value to all their actions, making this sector a great economic and social engine.

Thanks to our brothers in Innomedia Events for making life so easy when everything really seems like a big complication.

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