How to organize your corporate event this Christmas?

We all know that December

is a month that says goodbye to the year, in which we propose new purposes and wishes for the new year that comes. We dream of improving our hobbies, getting rid of bad habits, taking care of ourselves inside, trying to be better at our job and ultimately, being a better person.

But December also brings corporate events long awaited by workers. These events serve each year to strengthen professional relationships between colleagues, departments and positions of the company. For companies it is a very important moment, since the management and organization of corporate events requires a special dedication, so that everything goes perfectly and achieves, among other objectives, that workers integrate more with the brand and channel the proposals of company value.

Organizing a corporate event at Christmas helps mitigate peer tension caused by day-to-day work, fosters personal relationships and generates moments of complicity that translate into a friendly atmosphere the rest of the year between peers. In addition, company dinners serve to take stock of the general state of the company, set new goals and involve workers in the growth, success or improvements of the company. Because a fundamental part of these events is to focus on the workers, because they are the essence of the growth of any company. It is the responsibility of the company to strengthen professional relationships between colleagues, departments and positions of the company.

However, there is a great diversity of resources to create corporate events this Christmas. Companies are increasingly concerned that their workers live an unforgettable experience, so they take into account the advice of companies specializing in the production of events to give more personality to the event and to create a magical moment for the company’s staff. Advertising agencies also play an important role in these events, since the possibilities to be creative and generate ideas that turn the corporate Christmas event into a show that manages to extract a smile to the attendees are unlimited.

Knowing the wide variety of resources, ideas and possibilities to create a corporate event this Christmas, in Content Lab we tell you some suggestions so that your event reaches excellence since we feel passion for our work and we want your event this Christmas to be special.

5 suggestions for an unforgettable corporate event this Christmas

1. Organize your event with time

The procedure to organize a corporate event at Christmas means having enough time to control all the details. For this reason, it is very important to start the work at least 3 months in advance to work the idea, the needs well and to determine all the details so that nothing stays in the way.

The help and advice of external companies specialized in events can also be a resource to count on, since we will be ensuring success.


2. Locate the place where the event will be held

The location of the event is essential. This decision is the one that in principle marks the general needs of the event, since we have to have the logistical needs, the number of attendees, parking available and above all, that it is possible to reach the location with ease.

Incorporating a transport service is a resource highly appreciated by workers as it avoids taking the car and enjoying the event in full. In addition, it ensures the attendance of more employees to the event.

3. Consider the needs of your workers


Organizing a corporate event for Christmas requires taking into account many details when making decisions. For this reason, we do not recommend organizing an event from Monday to Thursday, since the next day you work and can be an impediment for those who have to go the next day to work.

In a way, to avoid these situations, dinner parties are more common than meals, so that they can then rest for the weekend.

4. Find a perfect environment for your Christmas event

During previous meetings, both creativity and brainstorming sessions are essential to make coherent decisions and achieve a general theme that will be the one that marks the line of our event and makes it different from everything else. This aspect is one of the most important in the creation and organization of events, as it is the basis for success.

The theme must be implemented in all the resources of the event, maintain consistency and take advantage of every corner and free space to include the image of the company and corporate messages.

To enhance the environment and the theme that we have implemented in our corporate Christmas event, it is very important to make use of corporate videos, welcome speeches, show gratitude for everyone’s assistance and involve workers in the effort and goals achieved during the year.

Always according to the theme and atmosphere of the event, it is very interesting to encourage the participation of the attendees, to seek involvement that day, whether through raffles, contests or activities that make the day more enjoyable. Let’s not forget the importance of social networks and that day, we must ensure that attendees share their photos and generate comments and publications on corporate social networks.

5. Apply innovation technology for your event

New technologies are what make the difference today in corporate events. They are essential resources to support the theme and generate a quality environment. For this, resources such as audiovisual content through LED screens or projectors, help create an enveloping environment and that together with quality images and sound will achieve the objectives.

There are many resources and technologies that we can apply when creating our corporate event, and in this sense, having the experience and knowledge of a professional event agency can bring success even closer. Advertising and marketing companies are up to date with resources and technological trends applied to events and can make your event make a difference. Include professional material, corporate videos of events, professional photography, sound and lighting, etc.

Following these suggestions, you will be closer to your corporate event this Christmas achieve success and remain in the memory of the attendees. Because who doesn’t like to attend a corporate event at Christmas and feel the protagonist?

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