Global 5G Event 2019 | The ZTE® and Orange® Hologram


In the Global 5G Event of Valencia 2019 we returned to live a Holographic experience by ZTE Spain for Orange. The Hologram presented by the French multinational toured many media outlets in Spain and the rest of the world. And it was not for less.
Orange’s hologram demonstrated, once again, the technological potential of its imminent 5G network. Thanks to her, and for the first time in Spain, two people separated by kilometers away were able to chat without any latency for more than 6 minutes.
And if, once again, in Content Lab we did it again. We returned to offer all our knowledge, experience and capabilities to facilitate ZTE and Orange in the most spectacular holographic presentation today.
All an audiovisual production based on the efficiency of streaming equipment, the soundness of audiovisual production structures and a staging worthy of an event with worldwide impact.
We drank liters of coffee again. We traveled hundreds of kilometers again, but above all, we returned to live an accumulation of emotions where we put our whole soul, as always.

  • Palacios de Congresos de Valencia
  • June 16 y 17 2019
  • ZTE España
  • Hologram
  • Video
  • New Technologies
  • Streaming
  • Before the Event
  • During the Event
Cups of Coffee
Kilometers Traveled
Lived Emotions

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