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Public institutions or entities need to digitize and offer an effective, efficient and updated vision for citizens. And more so if this entity is called the City Council of Madrid, perhaps the public body, at present, which is betting more on a more digital makeover and adapted to the new and changing needs of today’s society.
And one of the steps that the City Council of Madrid has wanted to take in this regard, affects its Employment Agency and the intermediation and employment guidance services offered to Madrid people.
Its objective: a simple, intuitive, efficient and very accessible tool for any group of unemployed people. In addition, a detachable and transportable activation to be able to offer it wherever it is required.
Well said and done: once again, joining efforts with our client NewLink Group, we design and develop a simple, intuitive and highly accessible app where users can leave their data and their employment / training preferences so that the Agency for Employment contact them and can offer them their full range of job offers and training courses personally and directly. A public service that provides the Madrid City Council with a current, innovative and consistent image of the digital times we live. An institutional app that converts the experience of the demanding job user into a more motivating, effective and personalized experience.

  • Madrid
  • February 2019
  • Ayuntamiento Madrid
  • NewLink Group
  • Integral Design
  • Stand Design
  • App for Event
  • Interactivity in the Event
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