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Marketing Events have a common and very different characteristic of other types of events: they all pursue a very defined objective.
On this occasion, the Republic of Malta sought a clear branding objective to reach the vitality and Mediterranean lifestyle that breathes its three islands in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.
But why settle for this alone? Why not take advantage of the action to get direct business opportunities? What if we also offer the opportunity for T4 travelers to learn more about Malta’s secrets and wonders?
From the hand of our NewLink Group client, Content Lab was put into operation and we developed a proposal that would include the branding objective of the Maltese country, and in turn, allow it to generate leads in a playful way, offering an interesting, adaptable and very content effective.
To do this, we design and develop an app that will act as a question and answer game. A game where the user, once their name and e-mail have been introduced, could participate while having fun and, at the same time, learning and visualizing different aspects of the history, culture and tourism of Malta. And, of course, once the marketing event was over, our client would have a database of people who would have transferred their data legally and voluntarily. The perfect Marketing Event and dreamed by any brand.
But the T4 at Madrid Adolfo Suarez Airport deserved more. A space where the world’s most powerful brands exhibit their best galas could not go unnoticed by Content Lab. Therefore, we implemented a 32 ”touch screen in one of the most representative elements of the Maltese country: the Luzzu boat: an example of creativity Functional: adaptable to different spaces, removable by the client, and easily transportable. An offline advertising claim to achieve an online objective that was a challenge due to the logistical and operational complexity of a space as emblematic and secure as Terminal T4 of Madrid Airport.

  • T4 Adolfo Suarez Airport. Barajas, Madrid
  • December 2018
  • Malta
  • NewLink Group
  • App for Event
  • Super Brief Lab
  • Interactivity in the Event
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