Strategies in Digital Marketing will be the trend in 2018 for the main brands

What appeared a few years ago

as a new trend, everything related to the optimization of content, the needs of search engines, keywords, SEM, etc., is currently part of a large digital content strategy that different digital marketing agencies They develop for their own brands, as for other customers.

A good digital marketing plan is the difference between spending money and investing it

Studies such as those carried out by Smart Insights, confirms that most companies or brands do not use a strategic digital marketing plan. This means that they develop their own actions, contents and designs based on theories far removed from the guidelines to be taken into account in any digital marketing plan. These companies, if they do not have a strategic digital marketing plan, will encounter problems when it comes to raising new ideas or strategies, analyzing the actions taken and knowing the impact of these. One of the fundamental keys of Digital Marketing is the possibility of analyzing the data and based on these make decisions and know at all times what we are doing well and what we should improve.

For those brands or companies that do not have an established marketing plan, from Content Lab we recommend some guidelines:

Set the objectives in your Digital Marketing Plan

Currently, advertising agencies claim to be useful and offer the best solutions tailored to customers. What they do is make the brands, our customers, earn money. For this, technological renewal, being up to date with new media, current and future trends, knowing customers and, above all, understanding the social environment that surrounds us, are basic aspects that bring success.

We must know the brand, the customer and study its value proposition. This information must fit perfectly with the actions established in the plan. Digital Marketing companies make great efforts during this stage since all the information necessary to structure the strategic bases must be collected.

As we have said, the main advantage of any digital marketing study is the possibility of analyzing and collecting data and then making decisions. For this reason, it is very important to establish KPIs or performance indicators. It consists of measuring specific aspects in order to guarantee the results. To develop a marketing plan well, we must work every day with reliable and professional tools adapted to the new demands of organic analytics. Google Analytics and SEMRush are two of the most reliable and professional platforms that report real-time data on user behavior, keyword trends, social media status, and thus an endless amount of information with which to establish the bases solid of a good marketing plan.

analyzes the evolution of marketing actions

In any digital marketing strategy we must place our target audience at the center of all actions, since both the content and the tone of the publications must be focused on the target. Every good marketing plan should focus its actions on a target audience in order to offer content that meets their emotional needs and that satisfies their interests and desires.

The digital marketing companies that carry out these studies establish different parameters such as demographic information, age, sex or location. This information is complemented by an analysis of emotional aspects, interests, aspirations, etc. It is about knowing in detail the characteristics of the target audience to which all digital efforts and strategies will be focused.

The Google Analytics tool provides detailed information regarding the target. In this way, we can make periodic reports with information from the target audience and analyze their evolution, always in order to improve the actions, expand the conversion rates and achieve the objectives established in the Digital Marketing Plan.

2018 will be the year in which we will see great digital marketing actions and where we will learn from the trends that will come from other countries. Small and medium enterprises will take sides on the Internet and the development of these digital strategies will show an upward trend.

Establish a well segmented target

How should we act when we want to develop an analysis of the website and SEO positioning ?

  • The first thing we must do is determine a study period. It is not about covering large periods of time, but about establishing with Analytics a deadline to show the collected data. This platform, also free, gives us detailed information regarding user behavior, that is, everything related to the pages you visit, your interests, profile information, demographic and geographical data, number of sessions on the web, etc. This information is key to establish the content strategies and know in advance who we are addressing, the tone of the message and the time slots that best fit our digital strategy.
  • Analytics also offers the possibility of exporting periodic reports with which to monitor the evolution of our strategies and, of course, to know the progress of those actions developed by competitors.
    In any digital marketing strategy, SEO positioning is essential. Working, studying, analyzing and following the evolution of keywords is an indispensable task that every digital marketing and communication agency must do. Thanks to the SEO analytics tool, SEMRush, we can determine the activity of competitors in relation to the use of keywords. In this way we can know which ones are working for them and ask if we should start competing for those words or not.
  • En toda estrategia de marketing digital, el posicionamiento SEO es fundamental. Trabajar, estudiar, analizar y seguir la evolución de las palabras clave es una tarea indispensable que toda agencia de comunicación y marketing digital debe hacer. Gracias a la herramienta de analítica SEO, SEMRush, podemos determinar la actividad de los competidores en relación al uso de las palabras clave. De este modo podemos saber cuáles les están funcionando y plantear si debemos comenzar a competir por esas palabras o no.
  • Every strategic digital marketing plan must contain a section with the main keywords that we will work on your positioning. This is very important since the Google search engine, during its indexing on the page, recognizes which words are highlighted, which we have placed in the title, in the Meta description, in the images, etc.
  • Knowing the trend, evolution, monthly search volume, etc. are data that should always be controlled within the marketing plan.
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