The importance of Digital Marketing

in a Communication and Marketing Agency

Something that is very clear

is that the times in the world of communication, advertising and marketing have changed considerably. In recent years, the strategies that companies used to make themselves known, gain presence or notoriety in their sector or even attract new customers has changed. Conventional media took control until a new channel, the Internet, appeared.

No doubt the world is changing, but even more the world of marketing and advertising. The frenetic pace, the commercial advertising format has become a mere tourist landscape. The consumer no longer has time, has surplus products and services within reach and is hyperconnected. Also today, customer loyalty is a tremendously difficult task.

These new trends today force communication and marketing agencies to invest in online marketing if we want to have a competitive opportunity. With digital marketing we can develop content strategies that allow us to stand out from competitors and also reach more corners (expand our market niche). All this taking into account the new function to be developed in this sector, such as organic SEO positioning.

What are the main advantages of Digital Marketing?

  • Measurement of analytical data: Digital marketing actions can be measured, compared and modified allowing actions to be carried out that end the achievement of the established objectives.
  • New interprofessional relationships: With digital marketing, new consumers request closer treatment and more active participation in the actions.
  • Online presence: If you don’t appear on the internet, you don’t exist. The new tendency of users to first look for information about a product or service, as well as comments from other users, forces companies to have an active participation in the digital world.
  • Increase in sales: Digital marketing allows companies to reach potential customers around the world thanks to their participation in the digital world.
  • New ways of living the brand: With digital marketing and the use of social networks, user communities are created that share and experience the brand from a new perspective. They know more about brands and become more loyal as customers.
  • Laboratory of ideas: Digital marketing allows you to test tactics and strategies and obtain analytical data with which to adjust the results and achieve the objectives.
  • The costs: Investment in digital marketing is significantly lower than conventional advertising. The strategies carried out to enhance the online presence of a company are acceptable and allow accessibility to small and medium enterprises. In the digital world there is room for all types of companies, customers, users…

What should we do as an advertising and marketing agency to enhance our SEO positioning?

  • Our website is the showcase for the rest of the world. What we show indicates in a way what users see of us. It must contain an attractive design and always have optimization and user experience.
  • Adapt our content, profiles, website, etc. to mobile devices. Today more mobile phones are bought than computers and televisions together.
  • The quality of the content is essential. The Google search engine greatly appreciates that it is content related to our sector, updated and attractive. And of course the content that is unique, if you copy or duplicate content, Google will penalize you.
  • Meet our customers. We must adapt the contents and publications to your tastes, interests and needs.
  • Social networks are our best ally. Not everything ends in Google, with social networks we can improve our positioning, attract new customers, new target profiles and continue to participate in the digital world in all its versions.

Communication and marketing agencies have a responsibility to keep up to date with new trends, new applications and strategies to carry out our business objectives. The experience is what leads us to improve day by day without leaving behind our philosophy of improving with great ideas in growth.

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