Top 7 of the essential SEO strategies for an Advertising and Marketing Agency


online competition is increasingly fierce, which forces brands to take strategic measures managed many times through the Advertising and Marketing Agencies, in order to improve search engine positions, enhance the presence and recognition of the brand and generate traffic to the web. Digital Marketing is here to stay and now companies, brands and users themselves make use of digital strategies that help go hand in hand with Google.

We all know that SEO is not even an exact science, in fact we know that it is not even a science, however, we know that we have at our disposal a series of strategies that logically used we can obtain better positions in the results of search. In fact, knowing what kind of strategies we can develop brings us closer to achieving our goals.

Top 10 SEO strategies that have set the trend in 2017

1. Optimize your website with a responsive design

As mobile operating systems have developed their capabilities, the presence on the Internet has been increasing year after year. In fact, since late 2016 and early 2017, mobile browsing exceeded desktop. Almost 52% of internet browsing is done through mobile phones.

Until then it had been very difficult to outsource the statistical and analytical data on mobile navigation. At the end of 2016, Google was updated collecting data from the mobile version as its main index.

Consequently, what we must always be clear about and more in the time we are in, is to give priority to the design and mobile structure, as well as the content. Adapt our services, designs and content to the needs of the users who view and navigate through their mobiles. At this point it may be obvious to think about this strategy, however, there are still many brands whose developers have not yet applied a responsive design, that is, suitable for different digital devices.

2. Generate a Link Building strategy

The external and internal links of a website have been the drivers towards an improvement in the positions of the search engine rankings for a long time. In fact, Google considers this strategy as one of the most important elements for SEO.

To make a good link building strategy we must take into account a series of guidelines that will indicate the quality of our links and how it benefits our project.


  • Identify The backlinks you have

    Every Advertising and Marketing agency that manages commercial accounts at SEO level must always work in an organized manner. For this, it is important to control those internal links we have, which will be for us to analyze them and then draw conclusions and make decisions in our Digital marketing plan. To perform this action, there are many professional tools. The one we always recommend for its effectiveness is SEMrush, although there are also software such as Ahrefs or Open Site Explorer, among many others.

  • Analyze the backlinks

    Once we know the volume of internal backlinks that we have, the following is to deepen them. We must know what type of links each is, that is, information about the subject, authority, domains, anchor text, etc. If we know all the parameters of the links that mention us, we can control the results of our link building strategy.

  • Identify and study the backlinks of your competition

    One of the most important keys that we must take into account all Advertising and Marketing Agencies to have success in Digital Marketing strategies, is to analyze and study our competitors. To do this, we must identify our organic and paid competitors. Once we have a list with your data, we proceed to analyze your links, which can give us an idea of ​​where we can have a presence, which domains are interesting to generate traffic, brand presence, etc.
    It is basically about comparing the different strategies that competitors develop in order to obtain enough data to establish a coherent marketing plan and based on the previously established objectives.

3. Use optimized URLs

He strategic use of keywords in order to optimize them and make us improve our search results is essential. With the constant evolution of SEO analysis technologies, it indicates that using shorter URLs benefits in improving search engine positions.

It is true that we do not know the exact number of words that should be in the URL, however, Google increasingly shows us that from the first five keywords, stop paying attention to the content. Therefore, whenever we have the opportunity, we must include our main keywords in the URL. Considering using a total of 5 keywords.

4. Optimize your geolocation

One of the most interesting keys to improve SEO positioning is to have local appearance controlled when conducting searches. As we mentioned in previous points, the adaptation and design to the mobile environment are increasingly important, which is an element that we must always take into account. For our clients who have local businesses, it is key to develop this section so that both users and customers find the location of the business through mobile devices.

5. Always take care of the user experience

For any Marketing professional, this is one of the most important premises since every strategy is focused on the satisfaction of our users, who are the ones who will become our final customers. For many years, we know that the user experience is key to improving search engine rankings. And to ensure that we are doing things right from the beginning, it is advisable to optimize the meta descriptions, so that Google understands perfectly what we do on the Site and to indicate to users what content they will find and thus attract them.

6. Use the keywords strategically in the content

The most important work within the different SEO strategies, is undoubtedly the study, analysis and research of the keywords both our (or the client) and those of the competitors. At this point we focus on the importance of nourishing our content with keywords, wherever we have the slightest opportunity to include a keyword, we must do. Of course, always in a consistent manner and without harming the general meaning of the content / publication.

To do this, you must have a list with several columns. One for short-tailed keywords, another for medium-tailed keywords and another for long-tailed keywords. This is that if we have a client that is a Dental Clinic, a short-tailed keyword would be “dentist”, a medium-tailed one would be “dental clinic” and a long-tailed one “request a dental clinic Madrid budget.

Use these words, what you will do is tell Google that we are working to cover the topic we are dedicated to, in addition to indicating that our contents are current, related to our market and where we also include keywords that position us. All this, without a doubt, is essential for the user experience.

7. Generate extensive content

As we know, the Google search engine identifies those contents that have been updated, their structure and design, keywords, etc. With all this, in each one of the indexations that he makes to our pages he scores us so that sooner or later we will improve our positioning, or in case of not doing things well, he will penalize us by worsening our position. Therefore, we have understood after many analyzes and follow-up of publications on the Internet, that the most appropriate amount for content writing is from 1,000 / 1,500 words.

But let’s not fall into the error of preparing a 1,500 word document for yes. This is, and this increasingly Google has in mind, is about creating quality content, related to our sector, including keywords and with a design and structure tailored to users, for a good experience.

These are some of the SEO strategies that every digital marketing expert must carry out in order to carry out a good Strategic Digital Marketing Plan for a brand.

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