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Streaming for events: you can no longer live without it

Nowadays, streaming video has become such a powerful real-time video broadcast tool that the events sector can no longer live without it. Now, event organizers can create multiple innovative strategies to build loyalty, interact and capture new attendees using streaming intelligently during their events. Luckily, you no longer need to invest a large budget in technology so that your event is shared by thousands of people. Now, it’s easier than ever to impact your audience and know their reaction instantly. One fact: 13% of total internet traffic already belongs, only and exclusively, to live video, and this has only just begun.

El 13% del tráfico total en internet ya pertenece, sólo y exclusivamente, a vídeo en directo

According to Watchity, it is estimated that by 2023, 75% of the total data consumed via mobile will be for video. The same study showed that the simple use of the word “video” in the subject of an email can increase the opening rates by 19%. We already know that they are only figures, but figures that indicate that live video consumption has no limits.

But not everything is numbers. Brands and companies need to generate original content to differentiate themselves from their competition and, of course, to impact their audience personally and directly. That is, intelligent content that brings value to the user, makes him live unique experiences and, at the same time, can be used by those responsible for marketing for events in all their communication strategies with educational, recreational or sales objectives . It is here where Live Streaming video has managed to position itself as a tool that provides solutions for all these needs that brands and their events possess.

But really, what makes streaming so irresistible for events?

By 2023, 75% of the total data consumed via mobile will be for video

1.- You can get where you want

With streaming for events, the distances between your brand and your audience no longer exist. You can send them any communication, at any time wherever you are.

2.- You will have a direct relationship with your audience

Now, with the technological advances put at the service of streaming, you can interact with people directly: you will know what they think of your event, if they are liking the presentation, what doubts They have about using your new product or simply greeting them from the other end of the planet. There is no more direct way for your audience and your brand to know each other and become inseparable.

3.- You will optimize your budget

Thanks to the unlimited range of streaming through social networks and / or websites, you will have the possibility to reach many more people with a much tighter investment. To give you an idea, according to Insivia, 92% of mobile users have a tendency to share live videos with others.

4.- You’ll be closer than ever to your audience

With streaming broadcast, you will get the much desired “humanization” of your brand and / or event. You can interact directly with your audience, make them feel that behind your brand there are people like them and them; You can help them with any questions you may have about your products or services; You can create a community around your event that debates, shares and viralizes your content spontaneously, naturally and, above all, human.

5.- You can get extra economic performance to your event

It will allow you to monetize your live content. Promote services or products by inserting banners in your broadcast. Communicate promotions, offers or news through ads on social networks while your audience has fun living your event from your smartphone. The only limit will be your imagination.

6.- You will transmit innovation, humanity and good vibes!

It is an unbeatable opportunity to naturally deliver all your value propositions, your services or whatever you want. Innovation is something that must be a constant, but take advantage of this technological capacity to connect with your audience in a personal and fun way. You’ll see how they thank you.

The use of the word “video” in the subject of an email can increase the opening rates by 19%

So you already know that. Streaming for events can provide you with a multitude of solutions when making your event, brand or company reach a higher level and become a reference for your audience and for your sector. Its high capacity of reach, added to its immense capacity for interactivity and low cost, make live streaming an excellent tool to achieve your goals. Ah! and do not forget, if you need more information or need help for your next event, do not hesitate, go to , en our EventoPlus profile or contact us through all the channels we put at your disposal, and we will be happy to help you and offer you solutions to all the audiovisual needs your event has, or will have.

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