New Technologies

Benefits of the New Technologies

WOW Effect
Leads Generation


 Apps for Events  They have become the best audiovisual solution to get relevant information from your attendees.

You will know what they like and what not in real time. You can obtain their data to strengthen your relationship between your audience and your brand. And above all, the information they will give you will be key to improving your strategies and marketing actions for your next event.

Interactivity before, during and after your event is no longer an option, it is an obligation and the apps will help you. You will have the possibility to create a fully customized app that shows your best content, that collects the most appropriate data from your assistants and that measures all the information collected for your future decision making. In short, an intelligent, interactive and innovative audiovisual solution.


La  Holographic Communication no longer belongs to the science fiction imaginary.

Now, your event can have a communication technology worthy of the Jedi Knights. Your attendees will live a unique experience that will lead them to remember it for a long time.

Your convention, your corporate presentation or your product promotion will reach your audience in a shocking way. With the holographic projection the WoW effect will be assured. Meet our Hologram project with which Orange impressed the Mobile universe.

Virtual Reality

 Virtual Reality will allow you to amaze your audience with an immersive and fully technological experience.

But don’t be confused: The “really” important thing about this audiovisual solution for your events will not be technology, it will be the use you make of it and the quality of the audiovisual content you offer.

Your audience wants personalized experiences that make them immerse themselves in other worlds and interact within them. There will be your brand to accompany them and show them their full potential. Your audience will wear VR glasses and when they take them off, they will remember your event forever.

Augmented Reality

  Augmented Reality  is an audiovisual solution for your event that will allow you to unite the real and digital world in a single environment where your brand will be the link.

Your audience will live interactive experiences that will help you know your values, your products or whatever you want. You can measure their interaction, their emotions, their gestures, their responses. You can take your imagination where your audience asks. You can take your audience where your brand needs.


 Video Mapping  is a projection technology where we will convert a real surface into a digital surface where to project everything that you want to excite your audience.

Its great impact capacity will make it impossible for those attending your event not to share the experience on their social networks. The interactivity between the environment and your audience will be complete and will make your event remembered with emotion, giving your brand a differential and innovative value.

New Technologies

within reach of your event

Event Technology

Technology for Events

The most human experience

Technological development for events allows us to offer you all the audiovisual solutions you can imagine. Your audience wants technology before, during and after each event, but technology without human content is of no use. You set your goals, we present solutions to achieve them.
of the organizers has implemented biometric technology in events
of the organizers will have held Multisede events for 2019
will have tried interactive tools in events for 2019
has used holograms in events in Spain
Contenido Inteligente para Eventos Inteligentes

If you got here, it is because something is around your head. You know your brand deserves more, and in the next event you want to impress your audience.

In Content Lab we know that your budget will be limited, we have it, but we also know that the fundamental factor to turn your event into a smart event will be time. So the sooner you tell us what you want, the sooner we can make it happen.

Whether it is your first event, as if you already know what this is about, fill out our Express contact form and in less than 24 hours we will contact you to help you in everything we can, that’s what we are for.

Your audience will thank you and your brand even more.

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