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  • Madrid
  • April 2018
  • Prosegur
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The corporate image that a company like Prosegur wishes to launch abroad must be studied, analyzed and developed with all possible attention. On this occasion, the Spanish company leader in private security, placed in our hands the responsibility of making its corporate image reach the world. To do this, we study and analyze each service, each value proposition, each format and each segment of the target to prepare a script and millimeter planning in order to achieve the objectives that Prosegur was preparing to achieve: Branding and digitalization.
And after the photo sessions, both in studio and abroad, we support the message with effective corporate graphics and a great branding load derived from a highly technological edition.
The result: a strong corporate image, adaptable to the different segments of the target, modular according to the message to be transmitted and flexible in view of the format / space where said message is to be transmitted. In short, intelligent professional photography for an intelligent brand.

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