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for Events

More than 80% of the content that will be consumed on the Internet will be video..
Youtube is the second most valued social network in Spain after WhatsApp.
The second activity with the highest Internet use in Spain is “watch videos / listen to music” (56%)

Design for

In a digital world, creativity is what makes us truly human.
We create audiovisual content by and for people.
We are human and there is something that unites us above all: emotions.
Integral Design
2D/3D Design
Ephemeral Architecture
Large Format Printing

  Event  Marketing 

Your audience needs to know everything about your brand to believe in it. Your brand needs to know everything about your audience to believe in it. Your event will be the ideal setting to create this perfect relationship. It will be then, when your event becomes a smart event..

Your event will need a budget, but above all it will need time, so …

The sooner the better
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