Streaming for Events

All you need to know

If you are thinking of making your first streaming for event, or if you have already done it before, here we help you to be clear about all the steps so that your streaming becomes an intelligent streaming.

Benefits of Streaming

There are no distances
Immediate Feedback
Maximum Reach
Optimize the Budget
The connectivity of your space:

The space where you are going to carry out your event must have a minimum connectivity of 15MG symmetric. But if you don’t have them, don’t worry about anything. Our streaming connectivity solutions will ensure that your event is broadcast live without any problem and ensuring the connection to all the users you want to reach, whatever they are and where they are.

What do you need to communicate ?:

Or what is the same, what are your goals with your streaming? your audience wants everything and you will give it to them: fixed cameras, mobile cameras, live performance, screen contents, live content generation and high quality sound realization will make everyone who has attended your event want to repeat, and those who have not been able to, or will miss your next event for nothing in the world.

Where do you want to publish the streaming?

Your streaming can be seen on social networks or on a web. The choice of one or another online environment will depend on your audience: How does it behave on the Internet? What social networks do you use? But it will also depend on your goals: are you going to want to interact with your audience? What content are you going to offer them? Think of your audience, your event will thank you.

Will there be interactivity?

One of the reasons why we recommend you to stream for your events is the high capacity that it offers to interact with your audience: You can know in real time what you like and what you least, you can ask their opinion about your new releases, you can solve all their doubts, and even, you can create a community around your event with which you can meet your audience directly and without filters.

Measure the results of your streaming:

What is not measured can not be improved. We tell you whenever we can. Identify the key elements of your communication strategy, monitor them, analyze them and make the most appropriate decisions for your next event. You will see how the results improve and how your goals are being met.

Interactive Streaming

Streaming for events has changed the way you connect with your audience. Now, if you use it intelligently, you will be able to reach your event marketing objectives in an effective and efficient way. These are some of the streaming solutions for events that at Content Lab we offer you to make your event become a smart event:


Multi-site Events:

With streaming technology, you can connect different points in the same event. You will facilitate communication and interaction between your employees, your partners or your followers. A headquarters interconnected to other satellite sites where your attendees will live a unique experience connected globally, which will allow you a total interaction between the different connection points. Communicative efficiency coupled with a high capacity to surprise your audience and make you feel that you belong to a digital and innovative community.

Live content generation:

While your audience enjoys your event from their smartphone, you can send them video content that improves their experience: summary of presentations, service promotions, product demonstrations, exclusive content, live interviews, influencers, etc … The quality of Your event can be lived from any corner of the planet with original content, quality and chosen by you.

SEO for Events:

Google should also enjoy your event. With an intelligent keyword strategy, you can convince the God of the network that your event is intelligent: We will analyze the most appropriate keywords for Google to position your event in its first search results. In addition, this organic positioning will be monitored, analyzed and will help you improve your next event. Execute, analyze and optimize: the best way to achieve success.

Online Event Promotion:

Online advertising actions will give you the possibility of promoting your streaming in a personalized way and based 100% on the interests of your audience. Both on the web and on Social Networks, on mobile phones and on computers, with text or video. Endless possibilities that Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Youtube, Twitter or LinkedIn offer us and that we will squeeze until we get the most out of them.

Streaming without latency

Digitization in events is no longer a novelty. Now, technology allows us to generate audiovisual content, which until recently, belonged to the science fiction imaginary. But in Content Lab we have a maxim: technology without content is of no use. An example of this are the two streaming solutions without latency that we have helped to implement in the most important event in the Mobile sector, the Mobile World Congress de Barcelona. An example of how 5G technology and humanized audiovisual content can make an event an intelligent event.

Streaming without latency | Hologram | #MWC18

To do the streaming you need,

You don’t have to wait any longer

It has become an indispensable tool to give your event maximum dissemination and achieve the desired interactivity with your audience.


all video traffic is live
of Marketeers think video is more effective
of the Organizers in Spain has held Multi-site events
more video searches than photos on Facebook

Streaming for Events

This is how the most immediate future is presented


Contenido Inteligente para Eventos Inteligentes
Something is around your head

If you got here, it is because something is around your head. You know your brand deserves more, and in the next event you want to impress your audience.

In Content Lab we know that your budget will be limited, we have it, but we also know that the fundamental factor to turn your event into a smart event will be time. So the sooner you tell us what you want, the sooner we can make it happen.

Whether it is your first event, as if you already know what this is about, fill out our Express contact form and in less than 24 hours we will contact you to help you in everything we can, that’s what we are for.

Your audience will thank you and your brand even more.

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