9 tips so that
Event Video
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If you are thinking about how to make your video event

be seen by those people who could not go to it, or by the people who form your company, or even show it to the whole world, it is clear that you need a smart event video.

In Content Lab we call video for smart event to the one that connects different aspects of business communication with elements that have to do with human skills and abilities. An event video that combines business objectives with human emotions. In short, an intelligent video that communicates what you want and, at the same time, impacts your audience in a strong way. This seems so easy to say, it is not easy at all. That is why we are going to give you 9 tips so that, from now on, you can think about your event video with total security and knowing at all times what you need. Take a good note, we started.

1.- Define the Objectives of your Event Video

Although it seems obvious, the experience with our clients shows us that, not always, the objectives of your event video are clear. In General, event videos must meet several objectives, but the most common are:

  • Brand Positioning (Branding):

    If what you need is to give relevance to your brand, company or product through the event.

  • Traffic Generation:

    If what you need is for your audience to visit your website, your RRSS, your blog or your event.

  • Lead generation:

    If what you need is to get the highest number of quality business opportunities that in the future become customers, subscribers or attendees of your event.

  • Sales:

    If you want to sell your product, services or tickets for your next event.

Surely your event video has to meet several objectives. Do not worry, our advice is that the diferencies everything you can to adapt them to your strategy, since it is difficult to cut them all at once. Be cautious and walk step by step. Think that, on many occasions, less is more.

Market Study 2019
40% of companies will use lead generation strategies in their events in 2019

2.- Analyze your target audience

It may be one of the most important points for your event video to become a smart video. We have previously advised you to define the objectives you pursue with your video, that is, to look “inwards”. Now is the time to watch “out” and, above all, who is your event video for:

  • Sociodemographic Profile:

    how old are they, where do they live, what is their family situation, ..

  • Professional profile:

    what studies do they have, what do they work on, what is their salary range, when do they rest, ..

  • Analyze your consumption uses:

    what brands related to your sector do they like, when and where do they buy, what needs do they seek to cover when they buy, what kind of events do they usually go to, ..

  • Online use habits:

    what social networks do they use and when, on what devices, what keywords do they use to find content related to your event, what do they need to encourage their deceitment, ..

Almost certainly, your target will not be homogeneous. Surely you have different target audience segments. The most normal thing in the world. Our recommendation is that you treat each segment independently: you will communicate the same thing to them, but in a different way. It’s like when you had to take the notes home: Did you tell your father the same way as your mother? If the answer is no, you will perfectly understand what we are talking about; If the answer is yes, you must make an extra effort to understand that the secret of any video is that: communicate what we want to communicate, but adapt it to each person.

92% of mobile users have a tendency to share videos on their social networks

3.- Choose the most suitable type of Video for Event

You are already clear about what communication goals you intend to transfer with your event video. You already know your audience or target audience perfectly. Now you have to decide what type of video for the event that best fits what you want to say and who you want to say. There are many types of video for events. Nowadays, technology and creativity allow us to use different video techniques. The secret is not in quantity, but in quality. Choosing the most appropriate format is complex. Our advice is to trust professionals. They will be the ones that best adapt to your needs and resources. It will be they who best guide you in your path, who will advise you on the best solutions.

4.- Size matters, a lot

Well yes. Size matters a lot. For example, if you have thought about publishing your video event in the social networks, its duration should be very short, so you will not be able to publish a video that lasts more than a minute or so. But if you are going to implement it as a content of your website, maybe its duration can reach up to 4 or 5 minutes. As you can see, the size of the video is essential to meet your goals and reach your target perfectly. Our recommendation is that you use your intelligence to decide these types of questions, since nobody like you will know what your video event needs.

45% of people who watch the first 3 seconds of a video on Facebook, will see at least 30 more seconds

5.- Plan Everything

If you are going to entrust your video event to an audiovisual agency or producer, ask them for a millimeter plan: each phase of the video production, each plane to be recorded, timing, Scale, … everything must be under control. Our recommendation is that you must have a perfectly designed script that allows you to control all the actions that are going to be carried out, when they will happen and in what way.

6.- Trust the professionals

We won’t get tired of repeating it. If you want professional results, you must rely on professional services. In this sense in Content Lab we have it very clear: your success will be ours. That is why we will advise and guide you so that your objectives are met as effectively as possible by optimizing your budget. We will find solutions together so that your video event becomes an intelligent video.

7.- Invest in creativity

In the post-production of the video event all the creative and design energies are concentrated to take your video event to a higher level. 2D and 3D animation, graphics, grading, voice and sound, translation and subtitles … techniques and tools that will make your video an audiovisual show. That is why our recommendation is that you do not skimp your investment in these editing processes. The added value that post-production of a video for events brings can make the difference between success and failure. Do not hesitate, invest in creativity, is what will bring you closer to your audience.

8.- Make your Event Video viral

Once you have your video event in your hands, it’s time to make it known. The virality of your video will depend on the objectives you have set for yourself and the environment where your audience will consume it. We have already told you that long-term videos are much more difficult to viralize, since their long duration makes it more complicated. Our recommendation is that you consider sending your video in different ways: RRSS, email Marketing, Newsletter or internal communications of your company. The environment where your audience will consume it will be the one that defines its extension. And don’t worry if your video event lasts a long time. You will always have the option of creating shorter audiovisual pills that will help you position it and find the necessary deceit to make your video event viral.

Of course, it will be essential that you think of the god Google. The implementation of SEO for videos is a basic concept when it comes to positioning your audiovisual content: a good strategy of keywords and tags, with an impeccable writing of descriptions and meta-descriptions will elevate your video event to the highest level. And as a climax, invest in SEM and SMM positioning: online advertising, both in AdWords and in the RRSS, will make your audiovisual content appear in the top positions of the search results.

9.- Observe, Analyze and Optimize

As we always say in Content Lab , “what is not measured cannot be improved”. Observe the behavior of your audience in the different environments where you have sent them your video event. Analyze the most interesting indicators for your communication strategy and compare them with the previous ones. It will not take much time or many resources for you to realize what works and what does not work. Now you are in a position to optimize your next event video. Now your event video has become a smart video.

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