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  • Madrid
  • June 2018
  • Prosegur
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In its eagerness to digitize the company, Prosegur commissioned us the total production of the video with which it would move its new and technological Operational Management Center (OMC).
The objective was to show the effectiveness of this operations center of the leading Private Security company: its facilities, its high technology, its high capacity for control and resolution of incidents, and of course, all under a human and close vision . The clients and, above all, the potential clients of the brand, should receive an innovative, effective and forceful image.
So we got down to work : we developed a perfectly orchestrated recording plan both indoors and outdoors , adapting to the needs, resources and availability of staff, middle managers and company spaces. We designed a script where all the ideas and messages Prosegur wanted to convey were collected and displayed in an orderly and fully understandable way.
Once the recording resources were obtained, we went into the editing room as if there was no tomorrow. Postproduction, at that time, became so important that we were immersed in it for many days. The result shows no doubt: technology, innovation, efficiency and a global brand image that makes Prosegur a leading and exemplary company.

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