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  • Madrid
  • May 2018
  • Prosegur
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Find an innovative solution for the usual problems. This was the objective that PROSEGUR set for us when facing this project: to design a digital tool that would allow its commercials to be more effective in their operational and logistic management. In short, take the PROSEGUR CASH showroom to the very doors of your clients’ businesses.

To do this, we developed a brief thought only and exclusively in said target audience to get their attention and clearly understand what the new tool is. We design an augmented reality app that allows you to perfectly visualize the client each and every one of the elements that you intend to acquire, as well as each and every one of the purchase processes that you must perform.

As a consequence, PROSEGUR now has an innovative, effective and efficient tool. An augmented reality app that allows your commercials to save more than 80% in travel and its customers to see how your security company invests in improving their daily life in an innovative and efficient way. One more example of how smart content can generate smart events.

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