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  • Madrid
  • May 2018
  • Ministry of Culture and Sports of Spain
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When a state entity contacts you to develop a promotional video of the Spanish culture that will be seen throughout the world, the thing gets serious. Thanks to Ministry of Culture of Spain , through its state delegation of < a href = “” target = “_ blank” rel = “noopener noreferrer”> TurEspaña , we were offered the possibility of fully producing a video to reach all cultures the world our passion for flamenco and its basic dance fundamentals.
For this, we prepare a script adapted to the needs of the client based on the interests of the public to which it is addressed: English, Chinese, Japanese and, of course, all those Spaniards who are outside our beloved country. We recorded several sessions in studio with support of Croma screen and we adjusted the post-production of the video to a millimetric timing due to the importance of the sound in this video: the zapateado, the rhythm of the palms, the gestures of the dancer, his indications … everything It was measured to unsuspected limits. The brand “ Spain ” was at stake and in Content Lab we were very aware of it.
As a result a fun, direct and very “Spanish” demonstrative video with an inclusive and global vision. Where flamenco and its basic foundations are perfectly exposed to bring Spanish culture to the last end of the planet.

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