Content Lab at the Global 5G Event in Valencia

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If you are one of the people who follow with attention the latest technological advances, surely you have already seen or heard what happened in Valencia, which took place on June 17 and 18 and where more than 800 experts have gathered to turn the city of Turia into the world capital of telecommunications.

The Palacio de Congresos de Valencia hosted two technological events, the Global 5G Event and the EuCNC Congress2019, both organized by the University of Valencia through its iTEAMInstitute. In them, the participants were able to know all the keys about the present and the future of 5G technology and its innumerable applications that will improve the lives of people.

And it is that what happened these days in Valencia is not a simple demonstration of technological power. The technology company ZTE® and Orange®, have changed the world of audiovisual communication by carrying out the first holographic video call in Spain without latency between two people: the Product Engineering Director of Orange Spain, Tomás Alonso, and Fulvio Fugazza, Account Director for Orange of ZTE Spain. Both could chat for 6 minutes. The first from the Palacio de Congresos de Valencia and the second, converted into a virtual and three-dimensional image several kilometers away.

Content Lab and the Hologram of Orange in Valencia

Hand in hand with ZTE and for Orange, we have experienced a new holographic experience with a millimeter audiovisual production, a development of streaming without latency and professional efficiency carried out by several teams in a coordinated way.

The result of this demonstration of use with 5G, has achieved a great impact in many media and communication agencies, and that makes us very satisfied with our work in the Global 5G Event in Valencia, providing the structures and technological equipment necessary for this communication without latency that allowed to show with a video call the hologram of Orange and ZTE with a great spectacularity.


And we do not say it only us. 800 invited experts and more than 150 accredited media have witnessed the Hologram presented by ZTE and Orange program also approached the Global 5G to show it in its weekend edition. Of course, the specialized media in technology and mobile world such as eSmartcityXataca or Nobbot could also experience it. And of course, the oriental media such as CNBeta,  Xinhuanet or CCTime were also amazed by the demonstration carried out by ZTE and Orange in Valencia.

A success that we can surely repeat in future occasions.

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