for Events:
16 Tips to get the
out of it

Instagram has become the social network par excellence

in all current events. And is not for less. According to iab Spain , in its RRSS 2018 report, Instagram is the fastest growing network in number of users in Spain. Specifically, its increase reached 45% this year and the trend is unstoppable.

iab Spain
Instagram increased its followers in Spain by 45% during 2018.

Instagram for Events

>Data you should keep in mind

If you want to disseminate and empower your event, you should take these figures very seriously:

  • RRSS users in Spain value Instagram with an 8 and people between 16 and 30 with an 8 , 1.
  • All users of RRSS in Spain spend 57 minutes on average on Instagram.
  • 78% of Instagram users connect via Smartphone or Tablet. </ li >
  • Brands have 58 times more participation in Instagram than in other social networks.

White and bottled. It is clear that Instagram is one of the social networks with more push in Spain along with YouTube. And it is that the enormous audiovisual potential, together with a scrupulous policy of minimal intrusion and a great capacity for design and composition make this network, the preferred social network for millions of people throughout Spain. Don’t tell stories, better show them.

Forrester Research
Brands have 58 times more participation in Instagram than in other social networks

Therefore, Instagram has become one of the most powerful networks in order to meet the marketing objectives you have set for your event. Whether before, during or after the event, Instagram can help you get the most out of your event: you just have to be constant and use your creativity.

But beware! Remember that your company profile on Instagram is not your personal one. Here unexpected group photos, audiovisual jokes, texts and especially hashtags, should not be the same as those you use when you go on the weekend. Your brand requires professionalism, planning and homogeneity. Think that all your content will not be yours, it will be of your event, and your event should take care of every detail of your corporate image. In the small details is the secret of success.

How to get the most out of it

So if you want to have a top social network that gives you a wide reach, that offers you a universe of audiovisual solutions and, in addition, allows you to measure and analyze all the success of your content, that social network is called instagram.

Next, and as always we try in Content Lab, we will help you so you can make the most of Instagram’s potential in your events. Take something to point out that we started:

Whether it’s a unique event, or an annual event where you will need to continue generating participation and community, here are some recommendations we make to take full advantage of Instagram’s potential in your event:

  • 1.- Brand consistency

    Notes that all images have a look and feel very careful: colors, angles or elements must protect the corporate identity of your event. Think that all people will share your content and your brand is the main thread of all of them.

  • 2.- Think about interactivity

    What will really boost your event to the top is the interactivity with your audience: ask, ask for opinions, make raffles, start surveys, …everything you can imagine with Just as you know your audience and their interests, only then can you improve in the future.

  • 3.- Choose an authentic hashtag

    Your event is unique and so your audience should feel it. Therefore, it is essential that you analyze the hashtags used by your competition and your sector to find one that fits your event perfectly. Our recommendation is that you throw all the creativity you are capable of and remember that as a last resort you will always have the name of your event.

  • 4.- Take care of the copy

    We already know that Instagram is not a social network for reading, but texts capable of generating emotions in your audience will help you a lot when it comes to generating community and engagement. People read more than you think.

  • 5.- Link everything you can

    Include external links to your web pages, landings or other social networks in the texts of your posts that encourage your audience to visit them. With this you will gain traffic, presence and organic positioning. Think of God Google, without your favor everything will be more difficult.

Look for interactivity with your audience through Instagram: Any data or information you provide will help you improve in your next event.

Before the event:
Generate smart content

We have already indicated in other publications, what you should consider before organizing an event . In the case at hand today, we are going to recommend 4 actions that you can take before your event starts so that Instagram takes you to the top :

  • 6.- Quality audiovisual content

    To report what will happen in the event, the planned actions, the speakers, … Also, if you can generate some expectation and secrecy, your audience will die of wanting to know more. ..

  • 7.- Interesting content for your audience

    To do this, you can rely on your speakers, your sponsors, your suppliers and even your audience. Ask them to contribute relevant content and help their attendees feel the proximity of a key date for them.

  • 8.- Follow, review and comment on publications

    Of other people who use hashtags related to their event. The possibility of taking a look at your profile and following you is quite high.

  • 9.- Use Instagram advertising

    With a low budget, you can provide coverage for your event and achieve it as never before. Of course, be very careful with the content you are going to offer. Analyze your strategy well and measure everything. In the next event you will have much less doubts.

Generate smart content: Think of your audience more than your event.

During the Event:
Generate Community in Real Time

The time has come. Everything must be under perfect control in your event. But if there is a network that allows you to escape from all that controlling stress, it is Instagram. Never forget that Instagram is preceded by the prefix “Insta-” ” instant “: For us it is its greatest virtue and greatest danger: you can create content and share it instantly with your audience. But be careful! This spontaneity should not erase the quality and effectiveness of your content. Have fun at your event, but don’t lose your mind and follow these 4 tips during your event:

  • 10.- Share in real time

    Your audience wants to be the first to know everything about your event. Take advantage of texts, images and all the ability to edit Instagram to create that sense of live that your audience likes so much.

  • 11.- Grant a “favor deal” to your followers

    That they feel special and notice that you take care of them. For something you have become followers of yours, right?

  • 12.- Mention everyone

    Take advantage of every conference, every speaker, every action within your event to mention the protagonists and get bigger together. Instagram collaboration is a crucial added value.

  • 13.- Support technology

    Currently there are many interactive solutions that use as a crucial point of the event strategy to Instagram: you can corporatize the contents, gamify your event and, above all, achieve interactivity crucial to improve it all next time. Remember that you don’t have to know everything. At this point we recommend that you consult with professionals and experts in the generation of audiovisual content for events , they will make you see everything that can be achieved.

Instagram spontaneity should not erase the quality and effectiveness of your content. Have fun at your event, but don’t lose your mind

After the Event: Generate Expectation for the next event

Now it’s time to measure, analyze and make decisions to generate audiovisual content that allows you to extend the life of your event, making the most of everything that happened and, above all, preparing the next event. Here are 3 recommendations to achieve this:

  • 14.- Resume with video

    You already know that video is the king of content. Therefore, you must create summary videos of medium duration that provide an overview of your event and other videos of shorter duration where you can summarize more specific actions or moments that happened during the course of your event. Our recommendation is that you use all the resources generated during the event to create these audiovisual pieces. The approach will depend on your goals and your audience, but in general, the contents should seek, on the one hand, the emotion of the attendees when remembering what they have experienced, and on the other, looking for the need to assist those who stayed with the desire so that next time no one is missing.

  • 15.- Keep interacting with your audience

    Always. Seek your opinion after the end of the event in a more calm and thoughtful way. Think that, once in their homes, attendees will be able to give you a more complete view of what they have lived, so this information will have a high qualitative value.

  • 16.- Reward fidelity

    Take advantage of every conference, every speaker, every action within your event to mention the protagonists and get bigger together. Instagram collaboration is a crucial added value. How not? Your audience deserves it all. He has attended your event, he has given you his data, he has participated in all the actions that you have proposed, … do not you think he deserves any reward? Take advantage of your post-event communications to offer promotions and/or discounts on products and/or services related to your brand or your event or for the entrance of the next scheduled event. Your audience will thank you immensely. Think that an attendee at your satisfied event is your best ambassador.

Your event does not end when all the lights go out. Your event ends when the next one begins

As you can see, your event can be used well beyond the event itself. Actually, Instagram can help you connect with all your attendees before, during and after each event. You just have to plan your actions as much as possible and do it strategically. Think about your audience and your goals. Measure everything you can, analyze it calmly and make decisions to optimize your next event. There is no other way to turn your event into a smart event.

And of course, you already know that in Content Lab we will always be at your disposal to offer you the best audiovisual solutions. With “better audiovisual solutions” we mean those that adapt to your needs and resources, those that are developed under intelligent parameters and designed by and for your audience. Visit and see for yourself.

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