What should you know before organizing an event?

Today the events

they have marked the beginning of a frantic pace in which companies have begun to experience a change in the ways of managing their commercial and advertising projects. The enormous concern of the old advertising agencies focused on television, radio and the written press since their economic model was the insertion of advertisements in the media. This system has been very profitable until today, where the marking is undergoing constant change and where great professionals appear now focused on digital and social media, leaving in the background, no less important, traditional media.

Companies show a growing interest in the organization and are increasingly part of the steps to follow during the different stages. We are the communication and marketing agencies that gradually let clients participate more in the process and jointly build the perfect event.

What steps should we take to organize an event and achieve success?

  • It is time to promote and give all possible coverage to the event. Thanks to social networks we can generate related content with enough time to optimize the strategy and ensure that the information reaches your audience.
  • If we talk about an external event for an open audience, the location is essential. The information must be clear to avoid conflicts to arrive and the place of the event must be in a space according to the needs of the project. It is useless to have a conference room for a small project, and vice versa, to have a small place, or a small space for an event that requires many resources, attendees, etc.
  • In the previous moments in the process of organizing an event, it is very important to know the needs of the attendees, assess their opinions, know their interests. With the help of social networks we can access our audience and offer content of interest.
  • New technologies are adding value and improving the possibilities in events. New technological trends applied to events appear every day. These are some of the technologies that can provide a better service to your events.


Being able to reach the largest number of attendees or users for an event is a great challenge for companies. With this live or streaming system, we can greatly expand the reach of users and reach every corner of the world. It basically consists of the real-time broadcast of video and audio over the internet.

Video Mapping

With this technology we get very surprising and attractive results. It is a projection on different surfaces with which movement or 3D effects are achieved. A quality show, different from the rest of projections and that leaves good feelings in the public.

Pantallas Full HD y 4K

The presence of the audiovisual factor is essential in any event. Image quality, access to different connectors, options for different formats, etc. The screens nourish the events today and we must have a high level of response. In congresses, seminars, presentations or awards, 80-inch screens are being used with which they make presentations and distributed throughout the room, 60-inch screens allow attendees to view the event from their seats with the greatest comfort.

In short, the greatness of an event that aims to achieve success is closely related to the intention of turning it into a space that favors personal interaction and interpersonal communication. Undoubtedly, the current trend is focused on organizing an event with a strong face-to-face activity but without missing a strong component, the virtual.

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