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Technology in Events, should always be present

In these times, technology floods everything. Now, the differential value provided by technological advances makes brands, and the events they organize, look for elements and actions that impact their audience through technological resources and tools. We live in the digital age and your audience asks you to prove it, but is technology a value proposition in itself ?, or is it a “vehicle” to interact with the attendees of your event? In Content Lab we have discussed this issue enormously, and in reality, we have realized that the line that divides the answers to these questions is very subtle and that the correct answer does not exist, rather it will depend on the objectives that you propose with event, your target audience and, as always, the budget you have and the time to achieve those goals.

So before starting, from Content Lab we want you to keep a word in mind: “It depends”. And we do not do it so that you remember that song of “Jarabe de Palo” that so much play has given and that has made us enjoy so much. We do it because we want you to understand that in this post you will not find absolute answers or infallible solutions. Our intention is that you understand how technology can help you achieve the objectives you pursue with your event, how it can help you impact your audience and, above all, how it can help you interact with people and thus get those desired data that allow you Know the reactions of your audience, their interests, and of course, their future intentions.

When can I use Technology in my Event?

In Content Lab we have an integral look in as regards the generation of audiovisual content. With “integral look” we mean a complete and connected vision of the before, during and after each event. In reality, this 360º conception is given to us by our extensive experience and, above all, by our continuous and permanent concern. A concern that drives us to seek new audiovisual solutions for our clients and the objectives that their events pursue. Therefore, you must understand that it is not always essential to use technology in events. It will only be necessary if it helps you achieve your goals and connect with your audience. What happens is that, from this integral perspective of the events that we have in Content Lab, we can assure you that technology will always be an invaluable help so that your event does not go unnoticed, so that your audience remembers it and, above all, so you can get that valuable information that allows you to constantly improve it. Therefore, and in response to the question we asked ourselves, we can assure you that event technology always has a place, always.

What benefits does Technology for Events bring?

It is clear that if you use technology intelligently in your event it is very difficult that it does not bring you benefits. What can happen is that you use it without any sense, or that your audience is not a very technological audience and overwhelms it. In this case, do not worry, you will always have at your disposal the technology to measure, compare and improve. As you can see, the technology in the event must always be present.

Anyway, so that you are clear about the advantages of technology in events, here are 5 benefits that will bring you if you use it intelligently:

1.- Impact

At this point in the movie, we don’t need to tell you how important the effect is “WoW” in your event. Technology has come to facilitate this goal. Now, audiovisual expression together with technological efficiency make it possible for your event to impact your audience in a brutal way. They will remember an unforgettable experience linked to your event … isn’t it something that all brands pursue?

2.- Humanize

Although they sound contradictory, in Content Lab the terms “technology” and “human” are fully compatible. In fact, for us, one of the biggest benefits that event technology can offer you is to humanize your brand. Technology is a perfect vehicle to create original experiences that bring you closer to people. You can create content and audiovisual experiences that make them feel emotions and with that, make them express their feelings, opinions or whatever you want. Human technology.

3.- Generate Business Opportunities

Well yes. Nor do we discover anything new if we tell you that the ultimate goal of any event is to generate new customers, users, participants, gamers … whatever. Technological development makes it possible for attendees to your event to leave their data to, subsequently, contact them in countless ways and always be present in their lives “online.” Of course, you must offer content tailored to their interests and needs, audiovisual content that makes them participate, since your audience will be willing to give you their data, but do not forget, they will ask you something in return and that something is the secret of your success .

4.- Interaction with your Audience

For us, the fundamental reason for using technology in your event. The potential for this goal is overwhelming: voting systems, immersive, analytical, recognition, gamification … all of them, and many more, represent an exponential qualitative leap in order to achieve that interactivity with your audience. But, it is not just an exchange of information, it is the starting point of an intelligent event strategy, since with that data that your audience will leave you, you can monitor, analyze and improve every moment of your event. It’s not science fiction, it’s real and it’s called smart content for smart events.

4.- Improvement

We can say it louder, but not clearer: what is not measured cannot be improved. The technological advances applied to the events allow us to collect infinity of information, but what is the use of such amount of data if we do not use them with intelligence? That amount of data must become qualified, that is, you must use its quality to make your decisions regarding the next event. You can even optimize the contents of your event in real time. Yes, as you hear it: you can decide how to improve your event as it continues to develop. Your audience will want more and you will give it to them.

So you already know that. The technology in your event is a fundamental pillar in the current times. But you will have to use it wisely, adapting it to your brand, your goals, and especially your audience. Use it as a vehicle that transports your values, your products, your economic results or whatever you want. Use it to get to know your audience better, to get her excited and reach her. Use it to collect your impressions, your emotions or your contact information. Use technology in your events and do not use it for you.

If you have read this far, thank you very much, we hope this post has helped you to understand the use of technology in events a little better. Of course, in Content Lab we will always be willing to help you. We specialize in finding intelligent audiovisual solutions. On our website www.contentlab.es < span style = “font-weight: 400;”> you will find all the information necessary to know what intelligent content means for intelligent events, or what is the same, how to get the most out of before, during and after each event. < / span>

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