7 Actions
to turn
your Christmas Corporate
Event into a Smart Event

(Whatever your budget)

Well yes, whatever your budget

The term intelligent event may lead you to think of an event only within the reach of the privileged. On the contrary: our proposals to turn your Christmas Corporate Event into an Intelligent Event, are based on giving you ideas and solutions to meet the objectives you set, No matter what your budget. No matter what the number of participants in your event. No matter the size of your company.


Smart events

Before telling you what actions you can take in your Christmas corporate event to make it smart, we pause for a moment in those necessary steps. The important thing is that you use common sense and your experience, that is, the important thing is that you think:


    The clearer and quantifiable they are much better. Thus, the management and departments involved in the organization of the event may work with homogeneous parameters previously identified. That is, you will all speak the same language and set common goals.


    And more considering that in a corporate Christmas event, the participating public is almost always the employees themselves. Think of them: in their tastes, their expectations, their desires, their comfort, their safety, their habits, … if you want to achieve your goals, they are essential to achieve them.

  • Piensa cómo medir los resultados

    Identify the key points of measurement of the results to analyze them and make decisions that allow you to improve the next event. Remember: What is not measured cannot be improved.

And at this point in the movie, we don’t need to tell you the importance of events for a company or brand. As Bizzabo indicates in his Event Marketing 2019: Benchmarks and Trends report, the majority (84%) of the company’s CEOs and managers believe that in-person events are an essential component to achieve the objectives proposed in their Plans Marketing

More specifically, corporate events have become an unbeatable opportunity for companies to transfer to their target audience any message and, above all, generate a closer and more humane relationship with it. And it is now, at Christmas, when many of these companies, whether small, medium or large, develop corporate events to motivate their employees and generate a feeling of belonging to the most powerful group. And no, we have not been wrong: It is not necessary to be a great company to develop a corporate Christmas event that helps your company meet its objectives. Or is it that the typical “Christmas Dinner” cannot be a smart event?

Informe Event Marketing 2019: Benchmarks and Trends
The majority (84%) of the CEOs and executives of the companies believe that the events in person are an essential component to achieve the objectives proposed in their Marketing Plans.

So whether you are the event organizer of your companies, work for different clients in an event agency, or simply, you have to be in charge of organizing Christmas dinner, read on because we are going to tell you several actions to get the most out of it Take advantage of your corporate Christmas event whatever your budget.


We have said that Christmas corporate events can take different forms depending on the objectives that each company seeks to achieve. Depending on these objectives, you will have to carry out some actions or others. But before you start asking for crazy budgets, stop a little and see what these objectives may be:


    The Christmas corporate event is an unbeatable opportunity for the company to transfer its main values ​​for teamwork and the interaction between different groups within the company. The purpose will be to obtain better performance quotas and to involve each and every employee in the process.


    The corporate Christmas event can be a great opportunity to communicate the next news that the company has planned for next year: new business channels, new products, new additions, new strategic alliances, new website, etc … The idea is convey a message of continuous progress, of progress towards achieving common objectives for all.


    It is unquestionable, that the best capital that a company has is its human capital. Dedicate to what the company is dedicated to, people are the main axis on which all day-to-day actions revolve. The corporate Christmas event can be a perfect time to improve the interpersonal relationships of the workforce and establish better trust and safety guidelines.


    The routine generates tiredness and boredom. Therefore, one of the objectives of the corporate Christmas event will be to meet people in environments outside the office, where they can feel less observed and can develop other personal abilities that are more complicated at work.

Before you start asking for crazy budgets, stop a little and think about the goals you set for your corporate Christmas event


Once you are clear about the objectives that you pursue by organizing your Christmas corporate event, it is time to carry out the actions to achieve them. As we have already indicated, the essential thing is that you think about the people who are going to live it. It is their experiences that will finally make your event a success or not. 

We are not going to lie to you: the budget you have, will definitely mark what you can or cannot do. That is clear, but for Content Lab this is not the most important. As a Content Generation Agency Specialized in Events, the important thing is that you are aware of the budget you have, and with it, find the solutions that best fit your needs and resources. Don’t think about how much you have, think about what you want to get:


    Your audience and the company should communicate at the event. This communication, like all communication worth its salt, must be bidirectional. That is, the company will transfer its message, its values, its novelties, its proposals, … and the public must return their experiences: what they liked the most, the least, what they learned the most, what they liked the most. It has impacted, what has been your favorite moment, what areas of the event have captivated you, … all the information that is possible to understand how the event has lived all the people. To achieve this interactivity, here are some ideas:


      We have already said that it is not necessary to develop a super corporate event for it to be intelligent. If you want to interact with the public, it is best to ask them directly how they are living. This is as simple as asking the guests what they thought about the restaurant, how they are having it, what dishes they liked best or if they liked this year’s speech. If luckily, you have a bigger budget, rent some tablets and implement interactive voting actions during different moments of the event or apps that collect the hottest points where the participants pass. In the end, the important thing is that the company and employees interact with sincerity, collecting all the information in real time and then making improvement decisions for future occasions.

    • 2. MAKE THEM FUn

      There is nothing better to get a message that the message arrives in a fun way. Humor, or just having a good time, generates endorphins that make us feel much better and have positive memories. Therefore, try to make the public of your Christmas corporate event have fun. Simply hire a humorist, a magician or a presenter who makes everyone have a good time. You can also offer them a live show, a music group that enlivens the evening or even a personalized show cooking. Remember: fun will ensure smiles, and with the smile on your face it is easier to interact.


      Make it easy. If you want your audience to leave you with relevant information on how it is happening in your Christmas event, offer them all the possible facilities: come to your table to ask, leave satisfaction questionnaires at the tables, implement on-site voting systems, … Even after the event, you can send them a post-event survey so they can give a more leisurely opinion. 


    Surely, if one way or another you are immersed in the events sector, you will know that gamification is a crucial point when organizing an intelligent event. Now, we know that when people play and interact playing, their attention and impact fees increase considerably. Therefore, try to make the participants of your event play. Simply develop actions as simple as a raffle for dinner, a bingo or a game of questions and answers with a prize. A corporate photo booth or a costume zone will also be welcome actions that will make the company’s Instagram smoke. Again, if you have a larger budget, you can implement a little more complex actions such as Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality with which the fun will enter another level and with which you will not forget the event in a long time.


    Currently, the digital environment is essential to achieve the objectives of an event. If we add to this that in this digital environment the key to success lies in the content, because “white and in the bottle”: Your corporate Christmas event will be a unique moment to generate quality audiovisual content before, during and after the event:


      It is no secret, if we tell you that 85% of people between 16 and 55 years in Spain are users of RRSS. And your employees are no different. So before the event, you can produce small promotional video pills that help generate expectation for what is going to happen and, above all, to generate the idea that nobody wants to miss it. You can also use social networks to launch polls or votes to choose the event space, the menu, or even the show that is going to be developed. Remember: the important thing is to create expectation and make everyone participate in the event.


      During the event, record everything. The video has become a very powerful weapon when it comes to communicating with your audience. To give you an idea, one minute of video is equivalent to 1,800,000 words! so #DiseloConVideo.
      In Content Lab we are specialists in generating live audiovisual content so that your audience can share everything that is happening in the event instantly. They will share quality content offered directly by you. Of course, a live realization with strategically placed screens. It will ensure a total integration of the event, causing nobody to miss anything that happens. And if you are one of those who have a slightly larger budget, you can impact audiovisuals with holograms. Yes, you heard correctly: you can bring any influencer, guest artist or CEO of the company in a holographic way, even being able to interact with them in real time

    • 7. Post-Event CONTENTS

      Once everything is over, it’s time to extend the life of your event a little more and measure the results. Produces a video event summary that collects all the emotions and experiences lived (beware of data protection and the right of all people to protect their privacy). We assure you that your employees will talk about the video for a long time. Show them through a Making Off video how everything has been organized and the effort it has involved. Use those videos generated live to make post-event communications where you can send them surveys where they can comment on the event experience. All this, with a great load of branding to reinforce the brand image and that feeling of belonging to a “big family”.

Dr. James McQuivey
One minute of video equals 1,800,000 words

As you can see, it is not necessary to have a super budget to turn your Corporate Christmas Event into a Smart Event. Just think a little before acting, take into account people before anything else and give a main role to the generation of content to be able to share, for a long time, those very special and endearing moments lived by everyone.

Do not fit any doubt: in Content Lab we are specialized in producing Smart Events that meet your goals. On our website www.contentlab.es you will find everything we can do to get it.

We will be at your disposal to help you make decisions before, during and after your corporate event.


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